Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great U/S!!!!!!!!

Almost 26 weeks and it’s time to see our Bitt again. I have been a nervous wreck for the past few days. We had been so excited last time at 25 weeks to see our angel again and things went so terrible wrong. I have prayed, wished and hoped today would be different.

The first thing all prego women do is pee in a cup at every appointment. Today my appointed started with the nurse saying my urine was perfect! You have no idea how a little thing like that can excited you. I then quickly drank the orange stuff that tasted like Sunkist to me. For the first time my docs office was running ahead of schedule so I call hubby to let him know he needs to get there soon.

They call me back before hubby gets there for the u/s. I ask the tech a lot of questions trying to make sure hubby will get there for most of the u/s. The tech was very nice. She asked why we were having the u/s that day so I told her about Sarah (I really enjoy being able to do that.) She told me we would take a close look at this little one but she just knew everything was going to be okay. Hubby did get there for most of the u/s.

We got to see our Bitt rolling her eyes. I mean you really could see her eyes moving around and around in her head. It was so amazing! We saw her (and I felt her) kick. She kept talking to us and moving her mouth like she had so much to say. We confirmed that she is a GIRL! All of the checking points turned out very good. She is in the 41% of growth and since she was a little behind last time I was so excited. Bitt pushed up on my tummy seeming to try to make more room for herself. She laid her hand on her forehead like we were stressing her out. Her brain was clear, her heart was beating well, and she moved her hands around. I could not have asked for a more wonderful u/s. I would say that the u/s lasted about 20 minutes. Pics will be posted soon.

My day turned around quickly. We not only saw our little Bitt but we saw her do so many wonderful thing. We know she is growing and doing well. When I was leaving the docs office I got to see light snow flurries! I can say that was such a wonderful day. I am so glad today was so different than the last u/s near 25 weeks.

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Yea for a Marvelous US!

Week 35

Week 35
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