Friday, June 20, 2008

Telling Hubby

After I finally stop cry, I try to think of a way to tell hubby. Last time he got a baby rattle wrapped for him but I wanted to do it differently this time. Hubby had just gotten me a new camera for our anniversary so I take a pic of a teddy bear holding the BFP and then one of a close up of the BFP.

Hubby comes home a little talkative about the new TV we are getting soon. I am so excited, I find it hard to let him talk and to wait. Once he finishes, I ask him to look at the pics I took on the camera today. He looks at the one of the teddy bear and just nods, and then he looks at the second pic and just stares at it. After a while, he asks, “Are you really?” All I did was nod. He stares for a little long and then tells me he feels sick. I am now worried, he was not really ready but seeming to know that I was worrying he turned and told me he is excited. He explains that we had been trying for so long he did not expect the positive this month. As the night goes on, hubby sits in shock most of the time and does not let bring up me being prego again but agrees to start doing the kitty litter. (Such a good man.)

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Week 35

Week 35
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