Saturday, September 6, 2008


Sunday, hubby and I sat in our normal pew at church. Hubby gets my attention and motions to the window. I look the window up and down but do not see what he wants me to see. During the singing of one of the songs he whispers, “Look ON the window sill.” My eyes look from the far end to the end nearest us. I tear up immediately. There on the window sill at church at the end of our pew sits a DIME! I am shaking and smiling as I try to hold back my tears. Hubby puts an arm around me and we share a moment that no one else has a clue is going on. After the service I picked up the dime, prayed for my daughter, kissed the dime, and place it with all the other gifts (dimes) my daughter has sent me since she left.

My baby was in my arms
for too short of a time,
but now she is an angel.
She visits from heaven
with hugs and kisses
for her lonely parents.
Behind she leaves a sign,
an unexpected dime,
a smile for a tear stained face.
This found dime is not worth much
expect for a grieving parent,
it’s worth the world.

Written by Teri (me) for my Sarah.

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