Friday, September 26, 2008

A Boy or a Girl?

I thought this week would last forever but somehow it was not as long as I thought it would be. Friday finally came after a pretty good week. I woke up Wed morning and laid my hand on my tummy to feel my baby move for the first time. Little Bitt must have rolled her foot or arm under my hand because I felt a “roll” and knew it was not gas. Then Thur morning I gained two of my lost 6 pounds back. I was jumping for joy both mornings. I even did a little dance while I was getting ready for work.

Okay the important info: I laid back and exposed my tummy to the tech. She asked if we want to know the sex. I said we do but not until we know everything else looks good. I want to be able to be excited about what we are having. She agreed and started the u/s.

She did all the normal measurements and our little one is measuring about 4 days small. There were NO cysts in the brain. We got to see a stomach that was full of amniotic fluid and after a while we saw a full bladder. The digestive system is working! As the tech focused on the feet, Bitt started to tap danced for us. The tech wanted to get a better profile shot and worked on getting it just right. Bitt laid there with its arms propped behind its head like it was just chillin’ out. Bitt also kept trying to find her mouth with her fingers but never did while we were watching. As we watched, Bitt opened its mouth and swallowed more amniotic fluid. We got to see the little tongue moving inside the mouth. It was so wonderful to just lay there and watch my little Bitt.

Sarah’s little hands were so tightly clinched when she was born that it was almost impossible to open one of her hands. This and her webbed fingers where a sign of her sickness, which we still are not sure what it was. I asked the tech to please find a good shot of the hands. She got the shot just moments after I asked. Our little Bitt knew what we wanted and opened her hand showing all the fingers and waved at us. I started crying and was sooooo relieved. So now the tech felt it was okay to show us now that it looks like we are going to have a little GIRL!

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