Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Second U/S

Hubby has off this week, so I am enjoying as much time with him as I can. This morning we went to the docs to have our second u/s.

I was nervous and so worried that we would not see a heartbeat this time. I was also nervous because my normal doc was out of the office today because her father passed away and I was going to be seeing a new doc I had never met. The nurse let me know that he was the only doc in the office that day which is unusual since there are 8 or so docs in this one office. The tech did the u/s and pointed out the blob on the screen and said “This is your baby and see there is the heartbeat.” I cried again and hubby just laid a hand on my shoulder. The tech asked if we wanted to hear the heartbeat. I was shocked I did not think we could hear the heartbeat at only 8 weeks. I nodded since I was so shocked to talk. My little ones heartbeat was soft and fast at 182 beat per minute. She measured the little one and it measured perfect! 8 weeks 5 days!
The doc talked with us about testing since we never found out why Sarah passed away but hubby and I still said no to all testing. The new doc still seems to know everything about my case and was very supportive. Even with him being the only doc in the office he did not rush with us and let me ask any questions I wanted too.

I told him about my morning sickness whenever I eat. He told me its okay as long as I do not lose more than 5 lbs. I am now sick feeling every time I eat and I have lost 3 lbs. I am trying to eat but I get sick feeling if I eat more than about half of a normal meal.

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